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Pastor Diego Boquer preaches at an evangelistic meeting.

Inspiring stories from the Revelation Speaks Peace evangelism efforts continue to be shared. Here is a report from Diego Boquer, pastor at the Living Word church in Glen Burnie, Md:

Two women mentioned that they were thankful to God for the brochure that was mailed to their homes. One used to attend a non-denominational church but quit attending church a long time ago. She convinced a friend to attend the meeting at the Living Word church.

"I am so happy she dragged me down here,” the friend told Pastor Boquer. “You don't understand. I never liked church. I only went when I was a child, and I slept a lot. You don't understand what is happening. In fact, even I don't understand. All I know is that I am loving the seminars and enjoying learning about the Bible. All my friends are wondering about what is happening to me, and I am just telling them that I am loving studying the Bible. This church is so friendly and I love being here.” Both of the women made decisions to keep the Sabbath. 

There is a couple who come very often to the meetings, says Boquer. The woman comes more often.

“She said she is thankful to God for putting us in her life where she has never learned so much about the Bible before. She is being deeply touched by every message.”

She also made a decision to keep the Sabbath, but is fearful about the impact of her decision on aspects of her life. 

Pathfinder Youth Engage in Evangelism

Young people are getting in on the action, too. Chesapeake Conference Pathfinder clubs supported the meetings by greeting guests and helping out. In fact, they missed the union-wide camporee to be involved in evangelism in their home churches.

Earlier this year, 12-year-old Dillon Smith, a member of the Atholton Faith Blazers Pathfinder club (Columbia, Md.), accompanied his mom Jackie Smith and pastors from the General Conference to Rwanda to hold evangelistic meetings. Smith was scheduled to speak to children, but he preached to a crowd of 1,500 adults as well, and many answered his call to accept Christ.

Relationships Matter

Jerry Lutz, conference secretary, has been holding meetings at the Annapolis, Md., church. He shared that the relationships attendees have developed with one another are facilitating their grasp and acceptance of complex topics such as the Sabbath and the state of the dead. Lutz observes the guests minister to one another during and following the meetings.

 “It’s quite remarkable to witness,” he says. “Relationships are the key to evangelism.”

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