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Your Gift to Chesapeake Advance Plan (CAP) offering

Transformed lives for Christ are the result of active ministry. CAP provides resources for evangelism, church planting, tuition assistance for worthy students, conference led children’s, youth and young adult ministry events, and assistance to churches that build or purchase new property. Lastly, funds to pay for capital maintenance at HVA and Mt Aetna Retreat Center. Through your financial gift to CAP you provide the financial means to support daily ministry across our conference.

Through the CAP offering we are effectively targeting five key areas of conference wide ministry. We recognize that as a partner with us, some of these may be more interesting to you then others. We invite you to choose which ministry you will support. Or your offering to CAP (unrestricted) will be shared between each of the ministries as outlined with the formula below:

1. Evangelism and Church Planting                                                                                   35%

2. Tuition Assistance through Educational Scholarships                                                  20%

3. Young Adults, Youth, and Children’s Ministries                                                            15%

4. Capital Improvements at Mt. Aetna Retreat Center and Highland View Academy  15%

5. New Church and School Buildings                                                                                15%

(Please follow the link, if you would like to make an online financial gift to CAP. Alternatively, you can give through your local church, or mail in a check to the Chesapeake Conference office – Marked “CAP”. Please check out the further CAP designations.)

Have questions? You can reach Sean Robinson at

You may be considering an Estate Gift to CAP. For more information on how our PGTS team can assist you, please click the link.

Thank you for your support of the transforming the lives of people through CAP across our Chesapeake region.

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