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570 Members Inspired to Reach Souls for Christ in 2020

Orlando Rosales, Multilingual Ministries director for the Chesapeake Conference, and Ruben Ramos, vice president for Multicultural Ministries for the Columbia Union, traveled throughout Chesapeake territory on February 4-12, for Caravan 2020, themed El Dia es Hoy (Today is the Day).

During this time, ten Spanish-speaking churches received a visit, and at each stop, every church member was encouraged to pray for five people, with the goal to personally lead at least one person to Christ within the year.

“We are inviting each member to go through the extraordinary experience of seeing their relatives and friends enter the baptismal waters,” says Orlando Rosales. “In each station of this caravan, I saw church members motivated by the initiative and challenged to go beyond the status quo of merely attending church, deciding instead to get personally involved in the mission.”

After the tenth gathering, a total of 570 church members made the commitment to let God lead in reaching at least one person for Jesus this year. In preparation, each member that expressed a desire to bring a soul to Christ received a baptismal robe (pictured above) to be used in the baptism of the friends and family who respond to this evangelistic effort.

“The experience of getting involved in the winning of souls is an expression of gratitude for what has been done for us,” says Rosales.

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