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Story by Nancy Byrkit

Tuesday evening, I arrived at the lovely Bayanan Church in Bacoor, Cavite. I was early and proceeded to set up my laptop, review my notes and pray.

People started arriving and I was somewhat surprised that 15-20 members showed up for the meeting despite the threatening clouds and prediction of heavy rain. The meetings at the neighboring church had already been canceled. 

The church was filled with praises as a young man sang and thrilled our hearts. As I stood to speak and present the message for the night, I noticed that I was having to speak louder for the rain had started and was sounding loudly on the roof. 

The message was being presented and God’s Spirit moved on our hearts as we explored the night’s topic of Peace on Earth. How to have peace on earth amidst sin, chaos, sickness and terrorism…peace in the Ten Commandments.

(Photo of street flooding at the Bayanan Church in Bacoor City, Cavite, Philippines

Not too long into the message, I noticed that a few people had left their seats and were now on the porch of the church. Continuing with the message and trying hard not to be distracted or cause others to be distracted, I spoke with a little more intensity and marked clarity.

What happened next was totally disconcerting. Looking down the center aisle as I stood on the platform, I observed a wave of water about a foot or so high, coming from the street and through the door of the church and flowing into the aisle.

Elder Rudy left his seat and proceeded onto the platform. With concern, he asked me what I would like to do since the flood was entering the church. Concerned for the attendees we considered the options. I asked Rudy for his recommendation. Weighing the situation, he said, “we will continue”.

With a surprising amount of attention being given to the message, I continued and persevered in the message of God’s love for us and His safeguard contained in the Ten Commandments.

We closed with another beautiful song played on the piano and prayer.

As we gathered at the door of the church, men were using small brooms to whisk the water out of the church. We were now all on the porch and we were amazed at the street, now waist deep in water.

The next two hours were spent in lively chatter, singing and taking pictures of the flooded area.

Never once did I perceive a sense of fear, but instead patience in waiting and what can be done in the meantime (similarly to our wait for Jesus’ return).

We had talked about Jesus calming the sea in the message and that seemed to permeate the whole atmosphere.

I am reminded of Matthew 7:25 “And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded upon a rock”.

Photo of Bayanan Church Pastor Acosta and family, Bacoor City, Cavite, Philippines.

Photos Courtesy of Nancy Byrkit

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