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Adventurers Explore Fort McHenry

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The annual Adventurer Fun Day saw a return to pre-pandemic attendance numbers.

Nearly 250 people from Chesapeake Conference visited Fort McHenry in Baltimore for the conference’s annual Adventurer Fun Day on Sept. 18. 

The group toured the visitor center and walked through the fort made famous by the battle memorialized in the United State’s national anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner.” Adventurers learned about the history of the American flag during a special “hands-on” flag presentation.

The day also featured a kite-flying derby and an opportunity for Adventurers to make progress on earning additional honors. 

“It’s something fun to start the Adventurer year,” says Ann Reynolds, children’s ministries director for Chesapeake Conference. She adds that the purpose of Adventurer Fun Day is to provide children and families with a fun educational experience.

This year’s event marked a return to pre-pandemic attendance numbers. Many families who attended this year remarked how great it was to be back together with so many friends from other churches.

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