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Dear Chesapeake Family,

I am writing to ask for your help with a global crisis that has dominated headlines worldwide.

In August, the entire world watched as tens of thousands of people were displaced by the Afghanistan war. We watched as men, women, and children made desperate attempts to flee for their lives on live television. The lucky ones escaped with only the clothes on their backs and little else. Day after day, airplanes took off from Kabul to take refugees to destinations worldwide, bringing 53,000 displaced Afghans to the United States.

Now, this crisis has come to our door: 340 families will resettle in Chesapeake Conference territory, and they need our help! Twenty-six families are already here, and we need to provide welcome baskets for them ASAP! We also need ongoing donations each week until Nov. 30, when the last families arrive!

We’re asking every church and school in Chesapeake Conference to help gather essential items so they can be assembled into welcome baskets for our new neighbors. We need these donations weekly! Please see the flyer below for a list of required items, as well as drop-off locations near you. Afghan families are leaving the military bases they have called home for months daily, and they are in desperate need of these essential supplies!

Thank you for your willingness to help as Seventh-day Adventists take a central role in responding to this global crisis.


Ignacio Goya
ACS Director, Chesapeake Conference

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