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An Online Camp Meeting Experience

By Jerry Lutz, Executive Secretary, Chesapeake Conference

Even though COVID-19 has prevented us from getting together for The Gathering camp meeting this year, this does not prevent us from gathering together at home for a special week of inspiration and blessing. This is the conclusion the Camp Meeting Committee came to when it became clear that Chesapeake was not going to be able to have camp meeting as usual on the beautiful campus of Highland View Academy. It was disappointing to have to shelve the plans made for this year and notify all the speakers, presenters, and division leaders and their staff, but everyone understood, and we have plans in place, by faith, for 2021.
 While there is no substitute for meeting together in person for the special worship services, Bible studies, music programs, prayer groups and fellowship that make camp meeting so meaningful, we decided the next best thing is to have an online camp meeting experience this year. Members of the Camp Meeting Committee reviewed dozens of previous camp meeting sermons to select a few to highlight. It was not an easy task to decide which ones to feature since it is such an inspiration to watch and hear them all again. We managed to select four messages we believe will be a renewed blessing to our Chesapeake family during these unusual times.

We will premiere The Gathering: At Homeduring our scheduled camp meeting week, June 16-20, streaming on our Facebook and YouTube pages. To conclude the online series on Sabbath evening, June 20, Elder Rick Remmers, President of Chesapeake Conference, will deliver a special message you will not want to miss.

We hope to “see” you online!

Jerry Lutz
Executive Secretary for Chesapeake Conference
Camp Meeting Coordinator

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