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Arunan Appointed Associate Ministerial Director

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Shelvan Arunan brings decades of experience as a pastor, chaplain, and counselor.

On Aug. 22, members of the Chesapeake Conference Executive Committee voted to appoint Shelvan Arunan as associate ministerial director, creating a new position aimed at providing additional support and training resources for pastors and local church leaders.

Arunan, an experienced pastor, chaplain, and counselor with doctorates in Pastoral Counseling and Family and Organizational Psychology, has most recently served as the pastor of the Calvary and Mizo churches in Burtonsville, Md. He will work closely in his new role with John Rengifo, the newly appointed ministerial director

“As the conference has grown, so have the needs of our pastors, churches, and lay members when it comes to leadership training, mentoring, and equipping people for ministry,” said Jerry Lutz, Chesapeake Conference president. “In recent years, the scope of the work has exceeded the ability and availability of one person to continue to effectively meet the demands of our pastoral team and the nearly 18,000 members they serve in our 102 church entities across Chesapeake.” 

Lutz continued: “With the addition of Dr. Arunan to the department, not only will current pastoral needs be better addressed, but new opportunities may be explored and pursued to further advance the mission of our conference.”

Arunan brings decades of ministry, counseling, and leadership experience, including 36 years in the healthcare system. An article featuring Arunan’s time as executive director of Mission Integration and Spiritual Care at Adventist HealthCare appeared in Columbia Union Visitor in 2016.

“The specific expertise and experience Dr. Arunan brings to the team will be a great blessing to our pastors and churches,” Lutz said.

Arunan’s responsibilities will include teaching Clinical Pastoral Education courses for pastors, providing crisis and trauma intervention training for pastors and school chaplains, and conducting conflict management training and intervention for pastors and churches. He will also serve as the conference’s Prison Ministries coordinator. 

“I am committed to loving and caring for our pastors and church leaders and empowering them to become healthy leaders,” Arunan said. “My passion is to lead with self-awareness, integrity, trust, passion, commitment, humility, and empathy. I am coming with the mindfulness that if I am humble, it is easier to understand the feelings of others and, therefore, empathize with and create a culture of peace and reconciliation among our believers and workers. Let us minister together to build the kingdom of God.”

Arunan will start his new role in October.

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