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Baltimore Spanish Church Outreach Leads to 10 Baptisms, 3 POFs

Members of the Baltimore (Md.) Spanish church are rejoicing after 13 new members were added to the church on May 15. The 10 baptisms and three professions of faith are the result of a strategic cycle of evangelism that began with distributing food and inviting people to visit the church.
“We have a ministry to distribute food in different neighborhoods, so we decided to start sharing Jesus with them,” says Esteban Paredes, senior pastor of the Baltimore Spanish church. “We invited them to some of the church’s special programs and when they came and showed interest in knowing Jesus and our church, we invited them to take Bible studies from our Bible worker, and some of the families of our church.”
The baptisms and professions of faith came on the last day of the church’s week of evangelism. 
“It was a very spiritual atmosphere with a spirit of joy and celebration,” says Paredes. “It was a refreshing Sabbath because even though we hear so much about COVID restrictions, deaths, and sickness, this week was different. It’s rewarding to see how God is still working in people’s hearts, and how people are responding to His leading.”

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