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Baltimore White Marsh Church celebrates 9 baptisms

The baptisms were held on a special Sabbath dedicated to Adventurer and Pathfinder club ministries.

Baltimore White Marsh Church celebrated the baptisms of nine people on May 18 during a special Sabbath dedicated to the congregation’s Adventurer and Pathfinder ministries. The baptisms were the culmination of a baptismal class that met twice a week on Fridays and Sabbaths, following an appeal earlier this year.

The high Sabbath marked the end of the Adventurer and Pathfinder year, emphasizing the significant impact that club ministries can have in discipling young people for Jesus.

Pastor Hope Dike officiated the baptisms, including those of his own son and daughter. “I think this helps us understand the important role our clubs play in the lives of our kids and their spiritual development,” Dike said. “As a church, we should do everything we can to support these ministries.”

The church plans to integrate the newly baptized members into various church ministries, ensuring their continued spiritual growth. Additionally, the Bible study classes will continue, with more young people joining the program.

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