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Berkeley Springs Hands Out Soup at Apple Butter Festival

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Volunteers offered prayer and Bible studies and promoted the church classes on anxiety and depression.

Information courtesy of Linda Bowers

In the heart of the Apple Butter Festival, the Berkeley Springs (W.Va.) church extended warmth by offering free vegetarian soup to festival-goers on a brisk fall day.

The church volunteers ladled out steaming bowls of minestrone, broccoli cheese, creamy mushroom, potato leek, and other plant-based soups, all made by the congregation’s members. Accompanied by homemade rolls and pear butter, the dishes were a hit among the attendees of the popular local festival.

The event provided an opportunity for meaningful interaction as volunteers not only served up soup but also passed out nearly 650 bags of literature, offered Bible studies, and promoted classes on depression and anxiety that are available through the church.

Pastor Jason Disch saw the soup giveaway as a great opportunity for church members to get to know their neighbors. “When you offer free food, the people will come,” he said. “Everyone gets hungry and likes to eat. Why not meet the people, the community at that point, when their real need is the greatest? It just makes sense.”

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