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Blythedale Church hosts blood drive and international food fair

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The events provided an opportunity for members to invite friends and neighbors to the church.

The Blythedale church in Perryville, Md., demonstrated its commitment to community engagement and service by hosting two events this February: a blood drive in collaboration with the American Red Cross and a vibrant international food fair that brought global cuisines to the local community.

On Feb. 5, the church opened its doors for a blood drive, marking the second consecutive year of its partnership with the Red Cross. The event saw an impressive turnout, with donors contributing enough blood to potentially save 81 lives. Notably, 21 of the donors were not church members but local residents, highlighting the event’s success in connecting the church with the wider community.

Following the blood drive, Blythedale Church hosted an international food fair on Feb. 17, offering a free cultural extravaganza that was open to all. Attendees had the chance to travel the world through their taste buds, visiting booths that featured authentic dishes from countries such as China, France, Germany, Jamaica, Mexico, Romania, Thailand, and Trinidad and Tobago.

Pastor Ken Coleman reflected on the significance of the two February events, stating, “At Blythedale, we’re trying very intentionally to work on friendship evangelism. Everyone’s getting on board, and we’re realizing that the only way we’re going to draw people to us is by meeting their needs, mingling with them and being friendly.” 

Both the blood drive and the international food fair are part of the church’s broader cycle of evangelism, which includes an annual nativity program, a summer block party, and evangelistic meetings in October.

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