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Bowie Spanish Church Celebrates Baptisms at Late-Night ‘Prayer Watch’

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The small group event was held on the backyard patio of a church member’s home.

Members of the Bowie Spanish church in Maryland recently hosted a late-night, small group “prayer watch” where three people were baptized. 

The prayer watch was held on July 29 on the backyard patio of a member’s house and ran throughout the afternoon and evening until midnight. In addition to the three baptisms, members enjoyed food, singing, testimonies, sermons, and seasons of prayer.

The event was the second small group prayer watch the church held in July and was organized by the church’s evangelism team. 

The three baptized individuals were sisters Rocio and Damaris Riaño and Rocio’s daughter, Jade. According to Pastor Anibal Santeliz, two female church members named Lourdes and Yolanda had been visiting Rocio and Jade regularly to give Bible studies, and the mother-daughter pair had started attending the church several months earlier. When Damaris came from Indianapolis to visit her sister’s family, she also became convicted to accept what they were studying, and the three of them decided to get baptized together. 

“The night was bright with these three precious souls who gave their lives to Jesus,” Santeliz says. “It is merely the beginning of a wonderful work of the Holy Ghost in their lives and their connected family members.”

Santeliz says church members are working to connect Damaris with a church in Indianapolis and are encouraged that “she goes back with her heart filled with the love of Jesus.”

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