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Celebrating Pastor Appreciation Month

By Eli Rojas, Ministerial Director for the Chesapeake Conference

Recognizing people for their work and encouraging them with a word or an action is a biblical principle. In Colossians 4, Paul takes time to recognize and empower the people that were part of his team. He calls them by name, mentions what they do and shares the value they added to his ministry. 

During the month of October, we celebrate our pastors and acknowledge their spiritual leadership. It is a time to encourage the encourager, to lift the one that focuses on lifting others up and to recognize the hard work of the person that serves others 24/7. Pastors are always on call, but they are seldom recognized for what they do. 

Consider taking time to express your gratitude for your pastor’s ministry. Whether you do it corporately as a church, or individually, it will mean a lot to your pastor. During this month of celebration, people often ask me what they can do for their pastors. The first thing I always recommend is to pray for them. They truly need it.

There are many other ways to show your appreciation for your pastor. You can give words of appreciation in front of the congregation, a card with encouraging words in it, a gift card, or a special weekend getaway for the pastor and his/her spouse. 

I pray that this month you will find a way to bless your pastor, the person that spends most of his/her time being a blessing to others.

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