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Chesapeake Churches Recognized for Extraordinary Service at Appreciation Banquets

Representatives from state and private community organizations also attended.

Chesapeake Conference churches were recognized for their community service efforts during the pandemic and the Afghan refugee crisis during two volunteer appreciation banquets on April 16 and 30. 

The first event on April 16 was held in Cambridge, Md., for churches on the Eastern Shore, and the second event was held in Columbia, Md., on April 30. 

“Stopping to give thanks and show appreciation is really important,” says Ignacio Goya, Adventist Community Services director for Chesapeake Conference. “Seeing what the Lord has accomplished in our churches in recent years through community services is amazing, and I believe God has a tremendous plan for Chesapeake to win souls and revive our churches for His mission.”

Forty-nine churches from Chesapeake Conference were recognized during the two appreciation banquets. Church representatives were present to accept awards on behalf of the congregations. 

Several community partner organizations participated in the two events and sent representatives, including the American Red Cross, Home Not Borders, and the International Rescue Committee. Representatives from the Maryland Department of Human Services and the Maryland Department of Emergency Management also participated.

“It’s amazing to listen to community organizations speaking so well about our Church,” Goya says. “They’ve been inspired by our love, passion, and motivation to go and serve people. I think it’s a great witness for us to shine and show others God’s love so others are drawn to Him.”

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