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Chesapeake Conference Begins New School Year

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Students returned to school on Monday for the 2022-23 school year.

Chesapeake Conference schools began a new school year on Monday as 1,115 students walked through the doors of the conference’s 10 schools in Maryland, Delaware and West Virginia for the 2022-23 school year.

Students were welcomed back to school by the conference’s 109 educators to take part in the first-day activities. Representatives from the Chesapeake Conference headquarters were on hand at each school to deliver official greetings and pray for the students and staff. 

The conference education department reported that enrollment is healthy across the conference and that many schools are reporting growth. Renee Humphreys, associate superintendent of schools, credited God’s leading and the quality of service families have received during the pandemic, adding that “we are blessed to have such dedicated teachers who daily serve with excellence and love.”

Adventist education continues to be a significant priority for the Chesapeake Conference, which allocated 32.3% of its funds to educational programs last quinquennium. Humphreys said the first-day visits made by conference administrators and department directors on Monday were another example of how central education is to the conference’s mission. 

While the new school year is already underway, Humphreys said she still hoped more families would consider sending their children to one of the conference’s schools.

“Our schools are accredited, our teachers are well prepared, our administrators are trained, and we are able to take care of your boys and girls and help them have a relationship with Jesus Christ,” Humphreys said. She urged parents and guardians to “take the step, make the call and come by for a visit.”

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