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Chesapeake Conference hosts special leadership workshop for head elders

L.E.A.D was held on May 18 and focused on enhancing local church ministry.

The Chesapeake Conference Ministerial Department held a special leadership workshop for head elders on May 18 at the conference headquarters. The event, titled L.E.A.D. (Leadership Education and Development), was designed to address the unique roles and responsibilities of head elders in local churches.

The training featured presentations by Shawn Paris, director for Camp Ministries, Missions, and Adventist Community Services; Shelvan Arunan, associate ministerial director; Sam Nunez, pastor of Triadelphia Church; and John Rengifo, ministerial director. The sessions covered a variety of topics, including building relationships within the church, practical tips on leading successful meetings, and fostering spiritual growth.

The workshop aimed to enhance the spiritual leadership and positive impact of head elders in their respective congregations. Approximately 15 participants, including pastors and head elders, attended the event. The day concluded with a Q&A session and a season of prayer.

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