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Chesapeake Conference Youth Department Launches ‘The Peake’

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Youth Department aims to connect with teens through social media.

The Chesapeake Conference Youth Department has rebranded itself in an effort to better engage with teenagers throughout the year. Recently debuting a new name and logo, the department has taken on the moniker of “The Peake” and launched a new Instagram account.

As Kenia Reyes, the director of Youth and Young Adult Ministries for Chesapeake Conference, explained, this rebrand is part of the department’s broader mission to connect with young people on a more regular basis, beyond the conference-level events. “If you want to get to them, it has to be through social media,” she noted.

“The Peake” name was chosen specifically to appeal to the ministry’s younger demographic while still maintaining a connection to Chesapeake Conference. As Reyes described, the department wanted a name that was recognizably “Chesapeake,” but something that young people could identify as uniquely “theirs.”

To populate the new Instagram account with fresh and relevant content, the department hopes to utilize the talents of the youth themselves. At a recent TLT (Teen Leadership Training) retreat, 10 teen and young adult volunteers gathered to discuss content ideas.

Ultimately, Reyes explained, the department’s aim is to create a space where teenagers feel loved, valued, and supported. “Teens are looking for a place to belong where they feel loved and needed,” she said. “That’s the end goal.”

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