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Chesapeake Hispanic Churches to Distribute More Than 1,000 Bibles and 2,000 Copies of “Steps to Christ”

Pastors and representatives from Chesapeake Conference Hispanic Ministries participated in a Bible and “Steps to Christ” distribution event organized by the Columbia Union on April 12. Chesapeake Conference’s 32 Hispanic churches will distribute more than 1,000 Bibles and 2,050 copies of “Steps to Christ” over the next several weeks. 

“We hope the impact will be great, because many people need the Bible, and want to read the Bible,” says Orlando Rosales, Hispanic Ministries coordinator for Chesapeake Conference. 

Javier Moreno, Bible worker for the Baltimore (Md.) Spanish church, is excited about the potential to use the Bibles and copies of “Steps to Christ” to complement other community outreach initiatives. 

“Last year we started a program to share food with the community,” says Moreno. “We are planning to give the books and Bibles to the people. We have more than 200 people coming to receive food every week. They will receive the Bible so we can start Bible studies and small groups. We want to share hope.”

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