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Chesapeake Launches 2024 CPE Cohorts

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The conference’s Clinical Pastoral Education program enters its third year.

Chesapeake Conference launched its 2024 Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) cohorts on Jan 10th and 11th. One group is composed of pastors enrolling in CPE for the first time, while a second advanced cohort was launched for pastors who’ve already completed at least one CPE unit.

The conference’s CPE program, now in its third year, offers comprehensive training aimed at deepening pastors’ understanding of psychology and human behavior. CPE training employs a hands-on approach that includes clinical supervision, group process, and engagement with academic books and articles. Participants compose clinical case studies of their pastoral care encounters, enabling them to analyze and reflect on their experiences from psychodynamic, social, and theological perspectives. 

Each CPE unit combines a rigorous 100 hours of structured group education with 300 hours of supervised clinical pastoral practice, culminating in a minimum of 400 hours.

The program is led by Shelvan Arunan, associate ministerial director, who said the goal of Chesapeake Conference’s CPE program is to equip pastors to be spiritually and emotionally healthy leaders in their churches. 

The program has already seen significant milestones, with 10 pastors already completing at least one CPE unit and nine currently enrolled in the new cohort. Arunan said he hopes that eventually all Chesapeake Conference pastors will complete at least one unit.

Jenner Becerra, pastor of the Prince Emmanuel All Nations (Bowie, Md.) and Prince Frederick (Md.) churches, is enrolled in the advanced cohort this year and said that the CPE program has positively impacted his ministry. “By better understanding my own emotional health, and becoming more emotionally healthy, I can help others do the same,” Becerra said.

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