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Chesapeake School and Church Impacted by Tropical Storm and Tornado

On the morning of August 4, Tropical Storm Isaias spawned an EF-1 tornado with winds exceeding 100 mph, touching down in the Dover, Del. area, according to the National Weather Service.

The tropical storm and tornado impacted the Dover First Christian School (Del.), causing damage to the property. High winds knocked down trees, fencing, as well as an exterior brick wall, exposing underlying structures. However, in the wake of the storm, the Dover church and school community rallied together.

“Within minutes after the storm passed, many church members came out to help assess the damage,” says Evan Knott, pastor of the Dover and Forest Grove (Del.) churches. “A church member was able to arrange for equipment to clear debris and get the building protected from further damage.”

On August 4, Tropical Storm Isaias and subsequent EF-1 tornado activity also impacted the MOT (Middletown, Odessa, Townson) church (Del.), causing the church roof to sustain damage as several trees were also brought down during the high winds. After the tornado passed, the MOT church community responded to property damage with collective teamwork. 

“My elders and deacons responded quickly,” says Patrick Reynolds, pastor of the MOT church. “Among many things, the group mopped up water inside the church, and one of our elders obtained a tarp to cover the roof. It could have been much worse. If the storm hadn’t gone up and over, the church would have been demolished. We are thankful.”

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