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Chesapeake Schools Transition to Distance Learning

Frederick Adventist Academy students begin the day with worship online via Zoom | Photo via Facebook/Frederick Adventist Academy

Teachers and students across the conference are currently unable to meet in their respective school buildings due to the coronavirus pandemic. To adapt to this new reality, educators in all eleven Chesapeake schools recently began offering comprehensive distance learning experiences for their students. 

“We saw it coming and prepared ahead of time,” says Janesta Walker, superintendent of schools for the Chesapeake Conference. “We met with the teachers right before spring break to discuss what school would look like in a few weeks and started providing online resources such as Zoom, Google Classroom and Schoology.”

Although school buildings have temporarily closed due to coronavirus-related restrictions, these closures have not prevented local school families from maintaining a sense of collective community. 

“It is a blessing that we are able to keep a connection between the students and teachers even in this time,” says Melissa Baggett, principal of Rocky Knoll school.

“I realize how blessed we truly are with our ability to be at school together under normal circumstances, and within a religious environment,” says Megan Cook, elementary math teacher at Frederick Adventist Academy. “Our schools provide so much more than academic education.”

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