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Children, Youth and Young Adults Enjoy Weekend Activities at Mt. Aetna

During the weekend of July 23-26, the Youth Department of the Chesapeake Conference held a Pathfinder Camporee at Mt. Aetna Camp and Retreat Center (Hagerstown, Md.) with 80 Pathfinders in attendance. Drilling, marching, water sports and other activities were adapted to allow for adequate social distancing. 

On Sabbath, three Pathfinders preached a prepared sermonette for those in attendance. The group explored the theme of the weekend, “Valor,” through the story of Gideon, leaving them inspired to be courageous for God.

On July 26, the Chesapeake Conference Children’s Ministries Department held a “One Day Sunday Fun Day” for Adventurers. Inflatables, water slides and bubbles brought a day of delight for many children.

July 24-26, about 30 young adults gathered for the Chesapeake Conference Spanish Youth and Young adult retreat. Guest speaker Javier Mendez, executive director of L.E.G.I.T. (Love, Encourage, Give, Inspire, Teach) Ministries, shared words of hope aligning with the theme for the weekend, “Jesus is Coming.” 

“Let us carefully look at the opportunities God has given us to serve, even during this crisis,” says Mendez.

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