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Church Members Put Pastor on TV

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The Beacon of Light church booked two local TV appearances for Cesar Gonzalez to promote a back-to-school block party.

When one pastor recently returned from vacation, members of his church told him there was something important he needed to do: go on TV. 

Cesar Gonzalez, pastor of the Beacon of Light (Salisbury, Md.) church, returned from a family vacation to learn that church members had booked him appointments on two local TV stations to promote an upcoming back-to-school community block party. At their urging, Gonzalez made TV appearances on Aug. 26 on WMDT’s morning news program and WBOC’s afternoon variety program, “Delmarva Life.”

The back-to-school block party was held on Aug. 27 and drew a large community turnout, including several individuals who said they came because of the TV coverage. The event was held at a community center on Newton Street that several Chesapeake Conference churches in the Salisbury area helped open last year. 

Organizers set up tables with school supplies where parents and guardians could collect needed items for their kids for the new school year. Attendees enjoyed additional attractions such as face painting, a magic show and a petting zoo.

Church members also passed out copies of “Steps to Christ” by Ellen G. White. Gonzalez reported that members collected a contact list of more than a dozen people wanting to learn more about the church and have deeper conversations about spiritual topics.

According to Gonzalez, he was most impressed with his church members’ initiative and how successful the event was when he “got out of the way.” He noted that several members who helped run the event had not previously been active in church outreach and service projects.

“When we go into the community with the idea that we’re the ones God has to work on and not that we’re there to work on other people, God blesses everyone,” Gonzalez said. 

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