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Fifth Quinquennial Constituency Session

May 22, 2022

Important Dates

April 3, 2022
Organizing Committee

April 24, 2022
Nominating Committee

May 22, 2022
Constituency Session Meeting (Virtual)

Chesapeake Conference to Host Virtual Constituency Meeting

On Tuesday, Jan. 25, the Chesapeake Conference Executive Committee voted to approve a virtual format for Chesapeake Conference’s upcoming fifth quinquennial constituency session convening on May 22.

The decision to gather virtually comes as uncertainty regarding future COVID-19 variants and social distancing restrictions remains. The fifth quinquennial constituency session will consist of more than 550 delegates representing each church in the Chesapeake Conference.

The decision to announce a virtual format at this time was necessitated by churches currently being in the process of selecting delegates for the session and the careful planning required to make the requisite logistical arrangements.

During the Executive Committee meeting on Tuesday, committee members expressed a commitment to ensuring that delegates are not barred from participating because of health and safety concerns.

“Though the preference is to have an in-person session, given the time frame and deadline for the process of selecting church delegates as prescribed in the conference bylaws, and concern for the health safety and sentiments of our constituents, it is the prudent thing to do,” says Jerry Lutz, Chesapeake Conference president. “We are blessed to have the technology and personnel to prepare for a virtual session that will ensure that all delegates will be afforded voice and vote, as in an in-person session.”

What is a Constituency Session?

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