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Digital Youth Camp Provides Lessons in Media for Young People

Trent Truman (pictured first), a freelance graphic designer, teaches how to create posters and signs for ministry events. Jacklyn Ruth, communication specialist for the Chesapeake Conference, gives tips on reaching church members and the community through social media. Jason Frias, freelance audio engineer, explains how to create a podcast for church ministry.

This past summer, the Chesapeake Conference Communication Department, in partnership with the Chesapeake Conference Youth Department, hosted an online Digital Youth Camp for young people. The one-hour digital training sessions held via Zoom, equipped attendees with media skills to become more effective in reaching people in their communities through the use of technology.

“Chesapeake is blessed with so many young people that are bright and talented,” says Andre Hastick, communication director for the Chesapeake Conference. “I firmly believe that if we equip our youth to use their strengths in technology for ministry and outreach, we will see our mission advance like never before.”

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