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Eastern Shore Churches Welcome Brian Litzenberger

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Litzenberger was recently installed as the pastor of the Open Arms, Seaford, and Federalsburg churches.

The Open Arms (Milton, Del.), Seaford (Del.), and Federalsburg (Md.) churches on the Eastern Shore have welcomed Brian Litzenberger as their new pastor. Litzenberger was recently installed as the district’s permanent pastor after serving as the interim pastor since February. 

Litzenberger, who brings an unconventional approach to his ministry, decided to accept the permanent pastoral position on the Eastern Shore after sensing God’s leading over the past few months. He says that God opened a series of doors for him and his family that have made it abundantly clear that this is where they’re supposed to serve. “I’ve been telling God, ‘You can stop showing off now,” he says.

A Master’s’ graduate in pastoral counseling, Litzenberger couples his formal education with a love for community outreach, most notably through his biker ministry, Crusaders for Serenity Motorcycle Club. Litzenberger explains that many bikers can be resistant to organized religion, so he focuses on simply building genuine connections and establishing a presence of faith in spaces where it may be unexpected. 

“Before we go to an event, we pray that we can be aware of what the Holy Spirit is already doing in other people’s lives so we can plug into that,” he says.

Brian is not the first member of the Litzenberger family to work in the Chesapeake Conference: his father, Lyle, served as the conference’s treasurer in the 1980s.

Litzenberger says he’s energized by several connections he’s already made on the Eastern Shore and says he looks forward to partnering with members to positively impact the community.

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