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Chesapeake Conference Education Tour 2020

Join us for the Splendors of the Mediterranean Tour! 

Tour Details:

  • We will be traveling throughout Italy and Greece and cruising the Greek Islands.
  • The tour will be summer 2020. Dates to be determined, but we plan to leave around July 6.
  • The trip is 18 days.
  • The student cost of the tour is $5230. The price includes flights, ground transportation, accommodations, entrance fees, tour guide, bus driver, local guides, etc. Basically, everything except souvenirs, lunch, and tips.
  • This price COULD change slightly month by month for new enrollments as we get closer to the tour if there is a great change in the cost of travel.

Additional Details:

  • Students who are in middle school at the time of travel must have a parent along. If they are under 12, they must lodge with a parent on tour which incurs a small upcharge. (Younger siblings may not participate due to the intense schedule and amount of walking on tour.)
  • This is a STUDENT tour. Accommodations and activities are planned with energetic teens in mind. The itinerary is packed and the accommodations are clean, comfortable, and neat, but not luxury.
  • There is an adult supplement which makes the cost for adults $6290.
  • EF Educational Tours is our travel partner. They are a highly respected student travel organization with over 50 years of experience.
  • Safety is of utmost concern. EF provides excellent safety measures 24/7.
  • Those who don’t purchase the optional EF insurance will be required to purchase the NAD short-term travel insurance. Participants are responsible to get their own passports and urged to do so immediately.
  • Non-US citizens may require Visas. Please let us know if you are in this category.
  • Students can receive .5 high school credit for free by completing a project through EF.
  • Students can receive up to 3 college credits for only $215 by applying through EF and fulfilling the requirements.
  • Other educational support is provided for FREE such as help with college application essays using the Uncommon App.

How To Sign Up:

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