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Elders Certification Program

The Chesapeake Conference has designed a two-year certification program for church elders. Why? To equip our elders, so they can work better in cooperation with their pastors and serve their congregations.

Another intended purpose is to train elders so they can handle their churches during times of pastoral transition or absence. If at any time the pastor is absent due to illness, sabbatical, or a leave of absence, there will be trained elders who will be able to lead their church.

We also think of the lack of resources in many congregations, lack of individuals available for service, and other similar circumstances. With this program you can encourage potential elders and elders in-training to attend and become equipped for ministry.


Session #1 The call of the elder, the elder’s spiritual life, the elder’s relationship with pastors, leaders and members, the elder and conflict resolution, the elder’s involvement in communion, funerals, baby dedications, board and business meetings, the elder’s responsibility to the pastor, church and conference.

Session #2, Visiting receptively helps elders to be more effective when they visit members, former members, interests, shut-ins, the bereaved, those in the hospital or nursing home.


Session #3, Lay Preaching helps elders to be better biblical powerful speakers. How to build, write and preach biblical sermons.

Session #4, Personal Evangelism, helps elders be more effective in sharing the gospel with those around them. How to give bible studies, gospel presentations, personal testimonies and friendship evangelism. Also, how to train or disciple members in personal evangelism.

As part of the certification program elders will have to fulfill assignments. The intention is to foster a team-spirit of working side by side with their pastors.

Caption: First elders meeting, February 1, 2020


Assignment From Training 1

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