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Ellicott City Church Easter event draws hundreds from community

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A $100 Facebook advertisement resulted in a massive community event.

Story by Ellicott City Church Staff

With a quick design on Canva and a $100 advertisement on Facebook linked to a Google form, Ellicott City Church was able to register over 700 children/300 hundred families from their local community for their Spring evangelistic bridge event, “Easter Egg BLAST (Building Lives Around Solid Truth).” 

Matthew Piersanti, lead pastor, said, “We had anticipated maybe 50 to 100 people registering,  but when I returned from vacation that week, the numbers were more than 300 children. By Friday night, 500, and by Sunday morning, 700! That is when we realized we had struck a positive cord in our community.”

With registration lines bending around the parking lot, the event was simple but spiritually focused, connecting the community to the members of Ellicott City Church. In preparation, members put up five borrowed bounce castles in the front yard and spent countless hours the week before filling over 10,000 Easter eggs with toys and candies.

In the middle of the event, Piersanti and associate pastor Debbie Rivera, with the help of community children, presented the story of Jesus’ resurrection to the guests.

More than 600 community attendees left with a bag full of Easter eggs, a free Rita’s ice cream and an invitation to Ellicott City Church’s upcoming worship services geared towards families and their children.

“I’ve always heard of miracle stories, but it was incredible to experience how God worked out all the details, even the weather, to bring the local community to experience Christ at their local Seventh-day Adventist church,” Piersanti said.

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