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Executive Committee Votes Adjustments for 2020

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On March 31, the Chesapeake Conference Executive Committee met via Zoom to receive an annual report of how the Lord blessed the conference in 2019, as well as to discuss adjustments to the conference calendar in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

To prioritize the safety and health of Chesapeake members, the following annual events were voted by the Executive Committee to be canceled for 2020:

  • English Camp Meeting
  • Spanish Camp Meeting
  • Summer Camps
  • FLAG Camps

All prior registrations and lodging reservations submitted for these four events will be refunded in full. Additional adjustments were voted due to current mandated restrictions and cancellations.

“We are working to resource our churches and schools so that we can continue to fulfill the mission God has given us,” says Rick Remmers, president of Chesapeake Conference. “It has been encouraging to see the wonderful way our pastors and teachers have so quickly adapted to the needs of our communities during this pandemic. Despite recent and rapid changes, the message of hope and assurance remains strong in all we do and proves more valuable each day.”

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