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Father Follows Daughter’s Example, Gets Baptized

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“I want God to do in my heart the same thing He’s done for my daughter.”

When a Baltimore-White Marsh Adventist School student decided to get baptized, the student’s father took notice. 

Travis McClurkin visited the Baltimore-White Marsh Church on Oct. 9, 2021, to watch his daughter, Emma, get baptized. After witnessing the baptism and hearing his daughter’s testimony, Travis decided he needed to follow her example.

Travis decided that day to give his life to God. He approached Ivor Quashie, the church’s head elder, and asked if he could begin taking Bible studies.

“God has been so good to my family,” Travis said. “I want God to do in my heart the same thing He’s done for my daughter.”

Travis received Bible studies and was baptized into the church on March 26. 

The baptism was an answered prayer for other members of the McClurkin family who’d been praying for Travis for years. In addition to Emma, Travis’ wife and three additional daughters are active church members. 

The two eldest McClurkin daughters are Baltimore-White Marsh School graduates, and Emma and her youngest sister currently attend the PreK-8 school. Emma says the school played a significant factor in her decision to be baptized. 

“It’s powerful to see the influence of the church and school coming together and spilling over a family,” says Diego Boquer, Baltimore-White Marsh senior pastor. “It’s amazing to see God doing amazing things in people’s lives.” 

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