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‘Festival of Small Groups’ Celebrated on Eastern Shore

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More than 150 people attended the Sabbath celebration marking the end of a weeklong evangelistic campaign. 

A group of five Hispanic churches on the Eastern Shore celebrated a “festival of small groups” on March 12. 

More than 150 people representing 13 small groups from five Hispanic churches in Seaford (Del.), Milford (Del.), Cambridge (Md.), and Salisbury (Md.) gathered at a rented hall in Laurel, Del., for the special Sabbath celebration marking the end of weeklong evangelistic efforts. The five churches are part of a district pastored by Jean Pierre.

Small group members wore colorful t-shirts and shared testimonies. The program ended with a fellowship dinner. 

 “We regularly have guests and visitors in our small groups,” says Jean Pierre. “It’s a big opportunity to connect because in the small groups we’re all friends. We can connect with people and connect them to Jesus.” 

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