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Four longtime educators retire from Chesapeake Conference schools

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The retirements came following the conclusion of the 2023-24 school year.

Photos:  (Top) Florence Constant, left, and Michele Gavin, right (Bottom) Jane Lanning, left, and Heidi Wetmore, right

Four distinguished educators from Chesapeake Conference schools have retired following the completion of the 2023-24 school year, marking the end of notable careers in education.

Michele Gavin, headteacher at Friendship Adventist School, is retiring after 19 years of service. Jane Lanning, a Drama and Music teacher at Spencerville Adventist Academy, and Heidi Wetmore, the executive assistant to the principal at Spencerville Adventist Academy, are both retiring after 26 years. Florence Constant, a K-2 teacher at Baltimore White Marsh Adventist School, is retiring after seven years at the school after she previously came out of retirement from the public school system to serve. 

Sue Holt, associate superintendent for Chesapeake Conference, praised the retirees, saying, “These ladies represent a wealth of knowledge and experience. We have been blessed to have them serve in our schools in the Chesapeake Conference. Their skills and expertise have helped shape and form many students’ lives.”

The retirees leave behind a legacy of dedication and excellence, having significantly impacted the educational journeys of countless students.

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