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Frederick Church Celebrates Diversity on ‘International Sabbath’

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The highlight of the day was an international food festival on Saturday night.

The Frederick (Md.) church celebrated member diversity and fellowship during the congregation’s annual “International Sabbath” on March 5. 

The International Sabbath capped off a month-long sermon series on diversity that began in February. The day’s activities included a special Sabbath worship service celebrating the church’s cultural diversity and an international food festival fundraiser for the church’s Adventurer club on Saturday night.

“I think it helps us to appreciate where people come from and be more accepting of other people from other cultures,” says Tom Baker, associate pastor.

This year marked the first time the church has hosted the annual food festival fundraiser since the COVID-19 pandemic began. 

“I think what makes it so special is that everyone is so willing to come out and show off their culture,” says Shelli Waters, Adventurer director for the Frederick church. “People are already thinking of ideas about what to do next year to make it even more fun!” 

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