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Frederick Church hosts worship conference with focus on renewal and community engagement

The all-day event featured presentations from guest speaker Nicholas Zork.

Frederick Church held an all-day worship conference on May 4, featuring guest speaker Nicholas Zork. Zork, minister for worship and the arts at Church of the Advent Hope in New York City and editor of “Best Practices for Adventist Worship,” led morning and afternoon sessions on biblical principles for worship and discussed how churches can embody their beliefs in their gatherings. 

Church leaders emphasized that the event is part of a strategic goal to make Sabbath worship a time of relief, refreshment, and encouragement. 

In an interview with Best Practices for Adventist Worship, Alareece Collie, associate pastor, explained the church’s intentional worship renewal process. “As a pastoral staff, we took a close look at where we felt God was leading in the next two years and came up with the church’s strategic plan,” Collie said. “Sabbath tends to be the time when you most often encounter people in your church community. So the worship experience is something that we want to be engaging but also foundational for our interactions with our community for the rest of the week.”

Looking forward, lead pastor Morgan Kochenower expressed hope for continued spiritual growth through worship. “Our prayer for our worship service is that it would be an upper room experience where the Holy Spirit is being prayed for, poured out, and received… [We want to invite] others—our family, neighbors, co-workers, strangers—into Jesus’ presence every week to receive transformative power from on high.”

Read the entire interview in Best Practices for Adventist Worship here.

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