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Dundalk Shares Joy During The Holidays

Story and photos by Lester Biggs Jr., Dundalk church member

The Women’s Ministries department of Dundalk (Md.) Adventist Church recently hosted a free holiday meal and grocery giveaway for those in need. During this time the church opened its doors to approximately 50 community members to provide a hot meal, free clothing, groceries and an opportunity to fellowship. As the day progressed, church members saw this as an opportunity to not only minister to the people that walked through the doors, but also to see how the church could best meet other needs of the changing community.

Throughout the two-hour event, many individuals requested prayer. Others simply needed someone to share their life stories with or even seek health advice from health care professionals in attendance. The needs raised alerted the congregation of many potential initiatives to help the homeless and others in the surrounding area.

Since the event, several community members have visited the Dundalk church and participated in various ministry gatherings such as Sabbath School, Bible class and Adventist Youth (AY) programs.

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