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Graciela Velasquez Joins Hispanic Ministries

Velasquez will seve as the department’s new administrative assistant.

Chesapeake Conference is excited to welcome Graciela Velasquez as the new administrative assistant for the Hispanic Ministries department. Velasquez, an active member of the Annapolis (Md.) Spanish church, brings a passion for ministry to her new role, where she will support the conference’s growing Hispanic churches.

Last year, Chesapeake Conference’s Hispanic churches celebrated 292 baptisms and professions of faith. Velasquez’s addition to the team highlights the conference’s ongoing commitment to further strengthening and expanding its ministry outreach to the region’s Spanish-speaking community.

Velasquez comes from a robust background in ministry and church involvement. An experienced Pathfinder master guide, Velasquez enjoys nurturing younger generations through substantial participation in her church’s youth and children’s ministries.

Orlando Rosales, Hispanic Ministries director, said he was excited to have Velasquez join the department. “I am sure that her passion, dedication, and her youth will be a great blessing at the service of the pastors, churches, and brotherhood,” he said. “A warm welcome to Graciela, and may God use you with power!”

Velasquez expressed her enthusiasm for her new position and said she looks forward to using her skills to serve God. “I aim to make a positive impact on the Hispanic church community,” she said. “I am dedicated to exploring innovative approaches and providing practical solutions that can simplify processes, enhance communication, and address specific needs that our Hispanic churches and pastors encounter.”

In addition to her ministry involvement, Velasquez says she is passionate about spending quality time with her family and maintaining an active lifestyle through regular exercise.

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