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Grasonville Church Donates ‘Blessing Bags’ to Cancer Patients

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The idea for the project came after a church member observed cancer patients receiving chemotherapy while receiving an iron infusion.

Members of the Grasonville (Md.) church recently donated “blessing bags” to the Bay Hematology and Oncology Center in Centreville, Md., aiming to bring comfort to cancer patients undergoing treatment.

The bags, filled with blankets, slippers, puzzle books, chapstick, wipes, and various other comfort items, were assembled and delivered by the church members to provide a touch of care and warmth to those facing the challenges of cancer therapy.

The genesis for the blessing bags outreach came after member Sue Tyler visited the center for an iron infusion and observed cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. After inquiring with the nurses about how the church could aid the patients, she received a list of desired items.

Tyler collaborated with the other members of the Grasonville women’s ministries committee, subsequently presenting the idea to the entire congregation. Over several weeks, church members collected the necessary items, which were then assembled into the blessing bags. Upon delivering the bags to the center, they were entrusted to the nurses for distribution to patients at the time of check-in, ensuring a personal and caring touch.

Tyler reflected on the motivation behind the project, saying, “God asks us to reach out. It’s a way of sharing God’s love and helping others.”

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