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Grasonville Church Tries Gas Pump Evangelism

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The Maryland church handed out $5 bills and copies of “Steps to Christ” at a local gas station.

The Grasonville church on Maryland’s Eastern Shore recently passed out $5 bills and copies of “Steps to Christ” to patrons of a local gas station in response to the increased public discourse on gas prices.

The church distributed 40 books containing a $5 bill inside the front cover to patrons visiting the Bennett Point General Store in Queenstown on July 26. The church informed recipients that the gift was from their friends at the local Adventist church who “care about the community and want to help you out with your gas bill.”

Each book contained a sticker with the church’s address, worship times and contact information, and a card for the Discover Bible study guides. 

Patrick Reynolds, Grasonville church pastor, reports that the initiative was well-received and that he had several meaningful conversations with people wanting to know more about the church and what Seventh-day Adventists believe. 

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