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Grasonville Named Among Best Places to Worship on Eastern Shore

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The church was named one of three finalists for a regional community’s choice awards.

A Chesapeake Conference church was recently named one of the top places to worship on the Eastern Shore. 

The Grasonville (Md.) church (located along U.S. Route 50 heading east from the Chesapeake Bay Bridge) was named one of three finalists for the best place to worship on Eastern Shore in the 2021 “Best of the Best Chesapeake” awards. The inaugural “Best of the Best Chesapeake” awards are the official community and reader’s choice awards for the Mid-Shore and are organized by APG Chesapeake. 

The Grasonville church finished in the top three for the “Best Place to Worship” category after more than 58,000 votes were cast in the contest that included 177 categories. Representatives from the Grasonville church attended the awards gala at the Hyatt Regency in Cambridge, Md., on Dec. 2.

“The most exciting thing to me is that the community sees the importance of having an Adventist church presence on the Eastern Shore and are willing to let others know this fact through their votes,” says Patrick Reynolds, Grasonville church pastor. 

Reynolds hopes members from other Chesapeake churches will take advantage of Grasonville’s convenient location and visit the church soon.

“If you are traveling the 50 heading to the beach and you would like to experience a traditional and powerful worship service, you would be blessed and satisfied to visit our little piece of heaven on the Eastern Shore,” Reynolds says. “Everyone is welcome to Grasonville Seventh-day Adventist Church.”

Patrick Reynolds and his wife, Vilma, represent the Grasonville church at the awards gala on Dec. 2.

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