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Hispanic Churches Celebrate Decisions for Christ, Baptisms

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A week of evangelism involving six churches resulted in over 30 decisions for Christ and 12 baptisms/POFs.

Ruben Ramos, Columbia Union vice president for multilingual ministries, officiates a baptism in Wilmington, Del., on Oct. 9.

Twelve baptisms/professions of faith and 30 decisions for Christ capped off a week of evangelism conducted by six Chesapeake Conference churches Oct. 2-9.  

The week-long reaping series held at five locations followed a month of small groups evangelism in six of the conference’s Hispanic churches in Wilmington (Del.), New Castle (Del.), Claymont (Del.), Goldsboro (Md.), and Providence (Md.). The six churches are part of a district pastored by Francisco Julca Cruz.

Speakers during the nightly meetings included Ruben Ramos, Columbia Union vice president for multilingual ministries, and Orlando Rosales, Chesapeake Conference Hispanic ministries director. 

“It was a great experience,” Rosales says. “We’re already planning to return for more baptisms on January 8, 2022.” 

Two of the new members baptized on Sabbath were a couple who got married earlier in the day. The couple had been together for many years but never married. After Rosales presented God’s plan for marriage and challenged them to take that next step earlier in the week, the couple returned a few days later with the necessary paperwork. Rosales had the privilege to marry and baptize them on the same day.

“They were very happy and excited,” Rosales says. “It was a wonderful day.”

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