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Hispanic Churches in Salisbury Celebrate Week-Long Festival of Small Groups

The festival was held from May 14-20.

Two Hispanic churches in the Salisbury, Md., area recently wrapped up a festival of small groups. The week-long event, running from May 14-20 at the Redencion and Salisbury Spanish Company churches, saw more than 70 individuals, including over a dozen non-Adventists, engaged in daily Bible study and fellowship.

Each day of the festival, small groups gathered at a member’s home, with over 15 different houses hosting these intimate gatherings throughout the week. The days were filled with meaningful discussions about the Bible, shared meals, and building relationships.

The culmination of the week was on Friday and the Sabbath, as all the small groups met together for corporate worship and revival. Guest speaker, Pastor Gerson David Vázquez Reyes from Mexico, delivered sermons emphasizing the theme of perseverance during difficult circumstances. His compelling messages resonated with attendees, encouraging them to stay steadfast in their faith, regardless of life’s challenges.

Sabbath afternoon was a vibrant display of unity and diversity as members donned colorful shirts representing their respective small groups, bringing a festive closure to the week.

District pastor, Jean Pierre, was particularly pleased with the event’s success, highlighting the effectiveness of small groups in fostering spiritual growth. “When people are involved in small groups, it helps them grow spiritually,” he stated. He further explained that these groups add a relational component to the theology being learned in Bible studies, making the learning experience more personal and relatable.

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