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Hispanic Ministries Food Bank Distributes 40,000 Boxes of Food for Chesapeake Communities

Recently, the Hispanic Ministries department of the Chesapeake Conference held a weekly food bank in partnership with 4MyCity, a non-profit organization. During that time, more than 40,000 boxes of food were distributed throughout the southern, northern and eastern regions of the conference.
“This has been an enriching experience,” says Orlando Rosales, Hispanic Ministries director for the Chesapeake Conference. “You get to see and feel the gratitude of the people, as well as see their interest in knowing more about our church. People are asking for intercessory prayer for their needs, and so far, seven families have begun attending our worship meetings.”
“Ministering to people through this food program has been a blessing to the church and community,” says Javier Moreno, Bible worker for the Baltimore Spanish church. “We have a group on WhatsApp where more than 141 people are receiving Bible studies and where we also let them know when we are going to take the food boxes.”
Pastors from each Chesapeake Spanish speaking congregation took turns volunteering weekly to receive food for distribution, load food in trucks for transport and distribute at each location.
“God has led us to meet the community by attending their needs and gaining their trust. Each food box carries a book and church information,” says Moreno. “Today we expect to sow hope in every heart with the security that God will bring an abundant harvest for his eternal kingdom.”

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