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This department provides our Hispanic pastors and churches training, guidance and supervision, with the purpose of planting and growing healthy churches.


Fulfill the great commission, inspiring and training disciples to testify the love and saving grace of Jesus Christ, planting and growing healthy churches.


Vision Every Hispanic family in our territory needs to be prepared for the kingdom of God and the second coming of Jesus.

Fundamental Objective

The main objective of this department is to reach a Hispanic community in our territory, serve them and invite them to a better life in Christ

For this can be possible we aim to develop and implement strategies to:

  1. Encourage members of Hispanic churches to spend more time with God, with the motto: Constant in Prayer, Attentive to His Word, and Joyful in Sharing.
  2. The strengthening and growth of the Hispanic churches of the territory.
  3. Training and equipping church members as disciples.
  4. To help pastors, leaders of local churches.
  5. Achieve the mobilization of members of Hispanic churches at the service of the community.
  6. Plant more small groups and churches in our territory.
  7. Provide useful materials to facilitate the complicity of the mission and gain souls for Christ.

Five-Year Projects – 2020-2025 *

  1. Motto: “Grow more with JESUS”
  2. Daily experience AAA acronym in Spanish for: Assiduous in prayer, Attentive to his word and Joyful to share.”
  3. Get 1,000 members to commit to pray for 5 friends so God will grant them the privilege of seeing at least one get baptized in the year. Each person engaged will receive a white gown with the “The Day is Today” logo. The gowns will be a gift for the baptismal candidates to wear at their baptismal ceremony.
  4. Plant 20 new congregations between 2020 and 2025. The motto “20 for 20-25”

Pastors and Churches

Our Ministry serves the territory made up of the states of Maryland, Delaware and a small section of the states of Virginia and West Virginia.

We have 31 congregations, 9 pastors, 7 Volunteer Lay Shepherds and 2 Biblical Workers, attending a parishioner of 2160 brothers and a Hispanic population of 288,183 inhabitants according to the 2010 census.

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