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Monthly Payroll Dates (Salaried Employees)
Semi-Monthly Payroll Dates (Hourly Employees)
uAttend (Time Keeping) Instructions – Employees (Hourly Employees)
Hourly Time Adjustment

New Employee Forms
Scroll to find the category that represents your employment understanding, complete forms from that category and all categories above that category. There is a 30 day open enrollment period from the date of hire for all benefits. 
(Note: Day Care/ECEC employees are not eligible for benefits)

* Designates Required Forms

All Employees
*Child Protection Training, Sexual Harassment Training, Background Screening:
Register-Adventist Screening Verification/Sterling Volunteers
Login-Adventist Screening Verification/Sterling Volunteers
Step-by-Step Instructions
Delaware Sexual Harassment Notice

*Employment Application

*I-9 (Section 1 to be filled out by an employee, Section 2 for conference, church, or school official who views original documentation  – ALL blank lines must be filled in with n/a and the appropriate preparer/translator box checked. Both completed pages must be forwarded to the Conference along with a copy of identification used. Sample)

*W-4 (Federal Taxes)

*State Tax Withholding Forms:
MW507 (MD) / VA-4 (VA) / IT-104 (WV) / DE / PA – 3.07% flat rate


*Employee Information

Direct Deposit – Recommended

*Employee Handbook – Sign and return first page

*Retirement Auto Enrollment Notice (All employees must-read, but do not send back to Conference)
*Omnibus Notice (All employees must-read, but do not send back to Conference)
*Paid Leave Notice (All employees must-read, but do not send back to Conference)

Independent Transfer Form (Born outside of the USA and has not completed this process)
Work Permit (Required for employees ages 14-17)

Employees Working 20+ Hours/50% of Full-time (Plus All Forms Above This Point)
Supplemental Life and AD&D Enrollment Guide
*Supplemental Life Insurance Enrollment – Elect or waive
*AD&D Insurance Enrollment Form – Elect or waive

Hartford Products:
Critical Illness
Hospital Indemnity
Accident Insurance

Flex Spending / More Information

Long Term Care-Employees/Extended Family
(855-750-9265/Email LTC or Michael Markowitz: 410-455-0680/Email Michael)

Columbia Union Revolving Fund Savings Account – Email Jenn for information

Employees working 30+ Hours/75% of Full-time (Plus All Forms Above This Point)
*Health Care EnrollmentMore Information
Omnibus Notice (All employees must read, but do not send back to Conference)

Hourly Employees/35+ Hours (Plus All Forms Above This Point)
DisabilityFLEX – Hourly ONLY are eligible

Full-time Employees/38+ Hours (Plus All Forms Above This Point)
*Long Term Disability and Basic Life Insurance Enrollment Form
Employer-provided.  Allows up to 66 2/3% of income if you become disabled.  
Life insurance amounts: $100,000 employee, $50,000 spouse, $10,000 children.

Pastors/Ordained Department Directors (Plus All Forms Above This Point)
*Ministers Social Security Status Declaration
*Parsonage Allowance-Estimate

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