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Humphreys Accepts Call to Allegheny East Conference

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Humphreys has served in the Chesapeake Conference Education Department since 2020.

Renee Humphreys, who has served as the associate superintendent of schools for Chesapeake Conference since August 2020, has accepted a call to the Allegheny East Conference Education Department. She will begin her new role in January.

Reflecting on her time at the Chesapeake Conference, Humphreys expressed heartfelt gratitude and optimism. “I praise God for the opportunity to be a part of the Chesapeake Conference family,” she said. “I have gained new friends, grown stronger in my faith, and will cherish serving with colleagues and constituents to strengthen the walls of Adventist Education. I am confident that God will continue to do great things for this conference, and especially our students.”

Janesta Walker, Chesapeake Conference superintendent of schools, commended Humphreys for her years of impactful service. “Dr. Humphreys has been a tremendous blessing to our conference Education Department…Her wisdom, experience, and passion for Adventist Education have challenged us and helped us to grow, but most importantly, her love for Jesus has inspired us to keep our focus on what is most important,” Walker said. Walker also said she extends prayers for Humphreys in her new role, trusting that God will continue to use her to make a significant impact in students’ lives for God’s kingdom.

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