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Jean Pierre Ordained to the Gospel Ministry

The ordination service was held on April 30 in Salisbury, Md.

Jean Pierre was ordained to the gospel ministry on April 30 during an afternoon service at the Park Church in Salisbury, Md. 

Pierre joined Chesapeake Conference in July 2017 and has pastored several congregations on the Eastern Shore. Due to recent growth in his churches, a new district was recently created to provide additional pastoral coverage and support ongoing evangelistic efforts and church planting initiatives in the region. 

“My favorite part of the ministry is empowering people,” says Pierre. “Every pastor can baptize and preach, but what about after you leave? My job is to help people grow so they can fulfill the Great Commission.” 

Pierre grew up in Haiti and never considered entering pastoral ministry during his childhood. At age 19, he traveled to Venezuela to attend college with plans to study medicine. However, soon after arriving in Venezuela, Pierre experienced the call to ministry and pursued a degree in theology. He began his pastoral career in the Central Venezuela Conference in 2004.

Pierre’s plans changed in 2006 when he decided to leave pastoral ministry to pursue a business career. But after five years, Pierre says he experienced the call to ministry again and soon accepted a school chaplain position in 2011. He later pastored in the El Litoral district in the Central Venezuela Conference. In 2015, Pierre came to the United States, where he worked as a volunteer Bible worker before accepting a call from Chesapeake Conference in 2017.

In addition to his gifts in ministry, Pierre is also a talented gospel music singer. During the ordination service on Sabbath, Pierre shared several musical selections with the congregation.

“Nothing is different now,” Pierre says when reflecting on his ordination. “It’s still the same Great Commission that I have to fulfill. I thank God for confirming my call to ministry, and my response is to say, ‘I will go.’” 

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