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Kyoung Chu Lee Installed as Senior Pastor of Baltimore-Korean Church

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On Sabbath, January 23, Pastor Kyoung Chu Lee was installed as the new senior pastor for the Baltimore-Korean church (Ellicott City, Md.). Pastor Lee is no stranger to the Baltimore-Korean church family as he previously served the church as youth pastor. Prior to joining Chesapeake, Lee served as a pastor in Anchorage, Alaska.

“Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this became my first virtual pastoral installation,” says Eli Rojas, ministerial director for the Chesapeake Conference. “Since we weren’t able to lay hands on him, after the prayer of consecration, each one of the church’s elders shared a prayer of blessing over Pastor Lee.” Rojas adds, “God’s people are adapting to the challenges COVID-19 has brought to the church. The wonderful news is that the church keeps moving forward, innovating and sharing the Good News of salvation.”

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