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Lawn care arrangement leads to baptisms at Willow Brook Church

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Mark and Stephanie Flanigan and their son Wyatt Couse were baptized after a prophecy series at the church held in preparation for Camp Meeting.

A simple lawn care arrangement has sparked a spiritual transformation for a local family, culminating in their baptism at the Willow Brook Church in Boonsboro, Maryland on May 18.

It all began when Don and Mary DeMello, members of the Willow Brook Church, hired Mark Flanigan to maintain their lawn. Flanigan became curious when the DeMellos requested that he not mow their lawn between sunset on Friday and sunset on Saturday. Upon inquiring, he learned that the DeMellos are Seventh-day Adventists who observe the biblical Sabbath during that time.

Intrigued by their explanation, Flanigan and his wife, Stephanie, started reading the Bible more earnestly. Their curiosity led them to accept an invitation from the DeMellos to attend services at Willow Brook Church in February.

Their interest deepened in April when the church hosted a prophecy series in preparation for an evangelism series during Chesapeake Conference’s annual Camp Meeting, which will feature renowned evangelist Mark Finley from June 11-15. Inspired by the teachings and fellowship they encountered, the Flanigans decided to be baptized, along with their son, Wyatt Couse.

Pastor Lou Alfalah expressed his excitement about the new members joining the congregation. He noted that the church has been focused on praying for growth this year, implementing prayer initiatives and trainings prior to the prophecy series in April. “Praying and doing something for the Lord will yield results,” Alfalah said.

The Flanigans shared their testimony during an interview at Camp Meeting on June 15. 

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